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          Deepen the new concept of talents, create a high-performance culture
          2022-10-16 17:46:47

          In order to realize Head 2025 strategy,we need to attract and cultivate outstanding talents, create and practice a high-performance culture...

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          The 2022 Zibo Environmental Protection Shi Ji Xing event entered Head Group!
          2022-10-16 17:46:12

          On June 14, Chen Fuling, a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, visited Head Group and conducted a field visit and research on Head Group's environmental governance and upgrading project...

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          [Product Express] Head launches Headcel C series products to provide reliable solutions for texture paint customers
          2022-10-16 17:45:33

          As one of the very important additives in waterborne coating systems, cellulose ethers have always attracted the attention of coating customers. In order to meet the growing market demand, Heda's R&D team has also been trying and working hard...

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          [Product Express] Headcel Cellulose Ether—Provide Excellent Solutions for Architectural Coatings Customers
          2022-10-16 17:44:58

          After analyzing market demand, R&D and design, Head's R&D team has launched hydroxyethyl series cellulose ether (HEC) and modified hydroxyethyl C series cellulose ether products suitable for water-based coating systems...

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          Jack Bee, Chairman of Shandong Head: A persistent dream catcher in the field of cellulose ethers
          2022-10-16 17:44:19

          He worked hard with his father to build a township enterprise into a world-class industry leader; he started as an "apprentice", became the backbone of the company's business, and then became the leader of a listed company with a market value of 10 billion...

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