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        1. Employees
          Cultivate innovative talents, build learning and self-driven organizations, and set up high-performance culture
          The character of Head's employees
          • Endorse and practice the values of Head
          • Pursuing high performance and creating value as its our own responsibility
          • Energy, passion, Honesty, loyalty, diligence and Selflessness
          • Act in Head's best interest
          • Good at thinking and summing up, dare to question and challenge authority
          • Keep learning and strive to be better
          The character of Head's role model leaders
          • Have a firm belief and mission
          • Have both moral integrity and professional competence, lead by example
          • Communication and Cohesion
          • Inspiring and developing people
          • Possess and practice entrepreneurship
          • Take responsibility bravely
          Talents Management

          Talents management starts from the future development strategy, business and organizational capacity requirements of Head Group, comes from and serves the business.
          The evaluation of performance, ability and values runs through the whole cycle of recruitment, development, staffing and retention of talent management.
          Let talents become our core competence!